Support The Birds Of Alaçatı From Tantimber

The Alaçatı Wetland information boards project, which started under the leadership of the independent civil environmental movement Birds of Alacati, was completed with the support of volunteers, sponsors and the Mınicipality of Cesme. As Tantimber, we were pleased to provide our products for the Alaçatı Wetland information boards, which aim to understand the human-nature relationship and contribute to the establishment of natural balance.


Wetlands can be found in every country and in every climate zone. Although they cover a small part of the earth’s surface, their presence is very important. That is why wetlands are the arteries of our soils. According to the reports of the World Wildlife Fund, 50% of the wetlands on our planet have disappeared in the last 100 years. According to current data, wetlands around the world make up about 7% of the earth.


Being a natural wetland, Alaçatı Wetland provides a habitat for many plant and animal species, especially waterfowls, and is of great importance as it is an important part of the ecosystem.


As Tantimber, we are a team that observes environmentally friendly sensitivities and strives to draw attention to the importance of sustainable life. In the Birds of Alaçatı project, we tried to support the Çeşme – Alaçatı Wetland, to contribute to the creation of an environmentally sensitive and effective social awareness, and to convey the unknown facts about the region to the society. We hope that the wetlands, which are among the most productive ecosystems in the world with their rich biological diversity, will reach the future with the information panels consisting of 5 separate sections prepared with our products as a sponsorship.