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Tantimber’s promise to it’s customers that all the manufacturing proccesses ar ebeing relized under one roof is continuing with the brushing of the surface of Tantimber’s decking and cladding products.


Trushed surface of deckings and claddings is a versatile and visually appealing option that can be customized to suit various design styles and applications. Whether you want to achieve a rustic, contemporary, or vintage look, brushing can be a valuable technique for enhancing the appearance and texture of wood products.

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Features of Tantimber Brushed Surfaces;

Enhanced Texture

Brushing Tantimber Thermowood products create a textured surface that enhances the natural grain and character of the wood. This texture can be visually appealing and tactile, adding depth and interest to the Tantimber products appearance.

Highlighted Grain Patterns

Brushing brings out the grain patterns of the Tantimber Products, making them more pronounced. This can create a visually striking effect, both with Thermowood hardwood options  such as Ash and Oak and Thermowood Pine that have distinctive grain features.

Smooth and Splinter-Free

While brushing creates texture, it also smooths the wood’s surface by removing loose fibers and potential splinters. This makes the Tantimber products more comfortable to touch and walk on, making it suitable for cladding and decking applications.

Compatibility with Stains and Finishes

Tantimber’s brushed surfaces readily accept various stains and finishes. The texture created by brushing allows the products to hold finishes effectively, enhancing the overall appearance while retaining the wood’s natural character.

Customizable Finish

  1. The intensity of brushing can be adjusted by Tantimber professionals according to the demands of customers to achieve the desired level of texture. While some of our products may have a lightly brushed finish for a subtle effect, while others may have a heavily brushed finish for a more pronounced texture.

Aged or Distressed Look

By our Brushing treatment an aged or distressed appearance is being given to our products, which is popular in rustic and vintage design styles.

Brushed Surface

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Brushed Surface