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As Tantimber, we create unique wood products through the Thermowood process, enhancing durability, dimensional stability, and lifespan to 25+ years without chemicals. Our eco-friendly focus is evident in our choice of materials. From facades to decks, we offer versatile solutions. Nature inspires us, ensuring sustainable and high-quality offerings. With Tantimber, your living spaces gain elegance and strength. We’re dedicated to a better future, preserving nature’s resources.

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Sustainable Raw Material

Tantimber places great importance on sourcing raw materials from sustainable forests. We recognize the responsibility of preserving the natural habitat for all living creatures on our planet, and as such, Tantimber is dedicated to protecting the environment throughout their raw material procurement operations.

Strong Inventory

Tantimber prioritizes the continuity of supply for its customers by maintaining high inventory levels of the products it manufactures. The strategic decision to keep ample inventory allows Tantimber to meet project deadlines effectively. By having standardized sizes readily available, Tantimber is contributing to on-time completions and customer satisfaction.

Variety of Species

Tantimber is offering a wide variety of species which ensures its customers to reach out what the demand allows. With 6 different Thermowood Species such as Thermowood Ash, Thermowood Pine, Thermowood Ayous, Thermowood Oak, Thermowood Iroko and Thermowood Poplar Tantimber offers a wide selection for projects of use. This also allows customers to plan their inventory level with a single shipment to be delivered with different species at the same time.


Tantimber is a proud member of the Thermowood Association (ITWA) and is following the standards of Thermowood Processing according to European Norms – EN 15679 . With it’s high grading standards Tantimber is supplying the highest grade products in the market with it’s self determined grading rules.

Quality Management

Being aware of the demand of high quality products of our customers, Tantimber serves it’s Production operations as “under single roof Manufacturing” to secure the quality at any stage of the Production period such as Thermowood Processing, moulding, Lamination, Fingerjointing, end matching, oiling, pre-aging, brushing without any other outsourcing of labour.



Tantimber’s decking products offer a wide range of options in terms of thickness, width, and profiles, catering to diverse architectural preferences. These products are thoughtfully selected from various tree species obtained from sustainable sources, emphasizing both environmental responsibility and high-quality performance.


Tantimber cladding products offer substantial value to buildings, enhancing their aesthetics, strength, insulation, and overall value. Tantimber Thermowood Cladding products are an excellent choice for those seeking both durability and aesthetic appeal in their building designs.


Tantimber offers a versatile and aesthetically pleasing solution for various venues, including offices, residential buildings, restaurants, and hotels with it’s options of Engineered Flooring, Solid Flooring and Laid Flooring options.


Tantimber is integrating itself into market needs with different ideas and creating a solution for all Customer needs with it’s clipsing grooves and the related hidden fastening systems. With the flexibility Tantimber offers, customers can choose the clipsing what they find the best fit for their projects.


Tantimber pledges that all decking and cladding products undergo in-house surface brushing, as part of their commitment to customers.


Tantimber places a strong emphasis on the importance of selecting the right underconstruction material for ensuring quality and durability in decking and cladding applications. Tantimber considers Thermowood underconstruction as the fundamental basis for any decking or cladding project.

Wall Coverings

Tantimber introduces TANDECOR, a fusion of wood’s innate beauty and creative imagination, to transform your interior spaces


Tantimber’s fingerjoint process offers a versatile solution for creating long, one-piece products by connecting shorter pieces with glue. This process allows for the production of products with lengths of up to 7.20 meters ( 24’) ,  which can be valuable in various construction and woodworking applications such as pergolas, claddings, underconstructions,window scantlings, posts, non-load bearing wide span applications.

Pedestal System

Tantimber Pedestal products used to reach a specified final elevation and correct slopes with the ability to make millimetric adjustments.

Maintenance and Installation Suggestions

Following the right Installation and Maintenance is as crucial as making the right decision for the right product. Please review our Installation Guide for our products to reach the perfection while installing your cladding and decking.

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