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Tantimber’s called Shadow Surface treatment which reflects  Charred Wood Products, inspired by the traditional Japanese technique known as “shou sugi ban,” offer a unique and visually striking surface treatment for wood. Tantimber Shadow Products offer a visually captivating, durable, and safe surface treatment option for cladding applications. Whether used in architectural designs or interior applications, Tantimber Shadow products can add a touch of uniqueness and longevity to wood Cladding projects.

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Here are some key features and benefits of Tantimber’s Charred Wood Products:

Preservative Treatment

Historically, “shou sugi ban” was used as a preservative treatment for wood. Tantimber’s Shadow Wood Products continue this tradition by providing long-lasting wood preservation for up to 20 years. This ensures the durability and longevity of the wood which already is by the Thermowood Processing of Tantimber.

Increased Fire Rating

: Shadow wood has an increased fire rating, making it a safer choice for certain applications where fire resistance is a concern. This property is created by it’s inorganic structure after charring the wood boards by Tantimber.

Authentic Aesthetics and Lasting Color

Tantimber Shadow Products maintain the authentic visual integrity of natural wood while adding a distinctive charred surface. This combination of authenticity and lasting black color enhances the overall aesthetic of projects, making them suitable for modern home designs.

Shadow Surface

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