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Tantimber is dedicated to enriching your living spaces and enhancing your quality of life through the transformation of the world’s most precious timbers into unique and enduring products.

Wood, a living material with its intrinsic vitality, finds its guardian in Tantimber. Through innovative production techniques, Tantimber revives wood, ensuring it reaches its healthiest and most durable form.

As a natural and organic construction material, wood gains strength and beauty under Tantimber’s care, promising to grace your spaces for many years to come. The environmentally friendly production methods employed by Tantimber make wooden products resilient against harsh climates and physical wear.

Tantimber proudly leads as a Thermowood manufacturer, producing Thermally Modified Timber (TMT) in accordance with International Thermowood Association standards. Situated in Gumusova Industrial Zone, Duzce, Turkey on 27.000 sqm’s (290.500 sqft) area, Tantimber’s products adhere to European norms (CEN/TS 15679) and source raw materials sustainably, with an annual production capacity of 800,000 m² ( 8.6 million sqft) of thermally modified decking and cladding materials.

Through an ecological process, Tantimber breathes new life into wood, crafting durable and enduring products. The physical texture, high aesthetic value, superior dimensional stability, and eco-friendly production methods breathe life into living spaces, transforming them into sustainable, stable, and aesthetically pleasing environments with Tantimber’s offerings.
Tantimber is recognized and preferred worldwide for its Thermowood products. It upholds global manufacturing standards, emphasizing product quality that encompasses durability, dimensional stability, sustainability, an innovative production concept, and a rich design ethos, all contributing to the enduring brand value of Tantimber.

Tantimber, understands the importance of enhancing wood’s durability while preserving environmental sensitivity. Through the robust material modification process, Tantimber transforms wood into a sustainable and eco-friendly option. Tantimber products are crafted from solid wood, ensuring that wood remains an environmentally conscious choice even after completing its extended life cycle.
One of the key advantages of Tantimber’s approach is its commitment to zero waste and the absence of harmful materials. Unlike environmentally damaging petroleum-based wood imitations like WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) and hybrid products, Tantimber offers a healthy and conscientious alternative that aligns with sustainable practices and ecological balance.

Tantimber’s production principles emphasize a holistic approach to wood production, prioritizing quality, sustainability, innovation, and the preservation of nature’s integrity. These principles underscore their commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility.

Sustainable Sourcing

Tantimber places great importance on sourcing raw materials from sustainable forests. We recognize the responsibility of preserving the natural habitat for all living creatures on our planet, and as such, Tantimber is dedicated to protecting the environment throughout their raw material procurement operations.

Physical Durability and Aesthetics

Tantimber prioritizes achieving maximum durability and stability in its products at every production stage. We also embrace modern aesthetic trends based on customer demands, ensuring that their products not only perform well but also look visually appealing. Aesthetic values and physical quality parameters hold equal importance in Tantimber’s approach.


Customer suggestions, expectations, and feedback are considered invaluable by Tantimber. We actively monitor the woodworking industry and architectural trends, incorporating innovative solutions into their production processes to meet evolving needs.

Natural and Non-Toxic

Tantimber’s products are entirely natural. We avoid the use of chemicals at any stage of the production process which only consists of heat and steam, from raw material sourcing to the final product. This commitment to naturality ensures Tantimber products are non-toxic and safe for both people and the environment.

Thermowood Processing

Tantimber utilizes Thermowood processing technology, which involves extracting resin from wood and removing the bonding water from the wood cells. This not only increases biological durability and dimensional stability but also minimizes exposure to moisture, eliminating decay while preserving the natural characteristics of the wood. Tantimber’s production principles encompass a holistic approach to wood production, emphasizing quality, sustainability, innovation, and the preservation of nature’s integrity throughout their processes.

We Care About The Environment

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Tantimber’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability is commendable. By procuring wood without causing harm to rainforests or other woodlands and ensuring sustainability throughout the production and installation chain, We contribute positively to the global climate crisis.

Wood indeed plays a significant role in combating climate change, as it aligns with key sustainability principles:

Renewable Resource

Wood is a renewable natural resource, meaning it can be replenished over time through responsible forestry practices. This makes it a sustainable choice for construction materials.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Wood has a smaller carbon footprint compared to energy-intensive, non-renewable materials like concrete and steel. The carbon footprint of a product is evaluated over its entire life cycle, and wood typically fares favorably in these assessments.

Resource Efficiency

Timber production generates minimal waste since almost all parts of the wood can be utilized. This contrasts with materials like concrete and steel, which can result in significant waste.

Carbon Sequestration

Growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to mitigate climate change. Wood construction materials continue to store carbon throughout their lifecycle, further reducing their environmental impact.

Reduced Water and Energy Consumption

Wood production is more water and energy-efficient than concrete and steel production, which require substantial amounts of both resources.

Comparative Impact

Research consistently shows that wooden buildings have a lower carbon footprint when compared to structures of similar size and characteristics made from concrete and steel.

By opting for wood, Tantimber is not only providing sustainable solutions but also contributing to carbon reduction efforts. The use of wood in construction can lead to substantial environmental benefits, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions and resource conservation. It’s a positive step towards a more sustainable and climate-conscious future.

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