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Tantimber’s partnership with Sioo:X to offer an innovative, environmentally friendly wood protection solution is a significant step towards creating sustainable and visually appealing outdoor wood products.

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Here are some key advantages of this wood protection system:


The Sioo:X wood protection system can provide up to 12 years of durability, depending on the wood species and exposure conditions. This long-lasting protection helps extend the lifespan of Tantimber products.

Silver-Grey Finis

The application of this system results in a clean and smooth silver-grey wood surface. This finish not only looks appealing but also complements the natural aesthetics of outdoor environments.

UV Protection

The Sioo:X wood protection strengthens the wood surface and protects it against damaging UV radiation. This UV protection helps maintain the wood’s appearance and structural integrity over time.

Homogeneous Fading

Over time, with exposure to nature, the wood surface undergoes a homogeneous fading process and gradually turns silver-grey. This natural transition occurs between 5-12 months, ensuring a consistent and attractive appearance.

Environmentally Friendly

Sioo:X wood protection products are water-based and environmentally friendly. It’s unique formula, based on silicon-potassium, aligns with Tantimber’s commitment to sustainable and eco-conscious practices.

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