Teni Clips

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The Advanced Teni Clips offer several advantages for decking installations:

Fast & Easy Installation

The Teni clips allows the installation process being quick and straightforward. It allows the replacement of single boards without the need for complex procedures.

No Visible Screws

With the Teni clips, there are no visible screws on the surface of the decking, providing a clean and seamless appearance.


It’s recommended to place the joists 300 mm / 400 mm centers, ensuring stability and support for the decking boards.

Starting Piece

The starting piece is cut off at the pull linkage and placed underneath the first board to create a secure foundation.


Pre-Drilling is needed for the screwing of the first and last boards.

Stainless Steel Screws

A2 Stainless Steel screws are supplied along with the clipsings and these screws are also used both for the first boards installation and the clips installations.

Proper Spacing

The TENI Clips leave a 6 mm distance between the decking board and wood joists. This gap allows for regular airflow and helps prevent stagnant moisture, contributing to the longevity of the decking.

Easy Board Removal

If needed, boards can be easily removed using a lever tool. Simply remove the board, and it can be clicked back in when necessary.

Easy Adjustment and Flexibility

Teni Clips offer adjustment flexibility and ease, making it simple to adapt to various decking scenarios and ensuring a hassle-free installation process.