Oak Cladding

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Tantimber Thermally Modified Oak Claddings offer a versatile and durable solution for cladding applications. Tantimber TMT Oak Claddings offer an environmentally friendly, visually appealing, and long-lasting solution for cladding applications. Its sustainability, ease of installation, and resistance to outdoor effects make Thermally Modified Oak suitable for a wide range of architectural projects.

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Here are some key features and benefits of Tantimber TMT Oak Claddings:

Sustainable Sourcing

The oak used in Tantimber Thermally Modified Oak Claddings is sourced from sustainable forests in Northern America, aligning with responsible and eco-friendly practices.

Low Maintenance

The TMT Oak claddings offer low maintenance requirements, reducing the long-term cost and effort associated with upkeep.

Thermal Modification

  1. The thermal modification process enhances the properties of the wood specie oak, making it more durable and resistant to outdoor conditions. This process improves the wood’s dimensional stability, reducing the risk of warping or shrinking.


Tantimber TMT Oak Claddings are available in different thicknesses and widths, allowing for flexibility in design and project requirements. This customization ensures that the cladding can be tailored to specific needs.

Wide Range of Profiles

The product line includes a diverse range of profiles suitable for various cladding applications. Whether it’s for public spaces, commercial settings, or residential landscapes, TMT Oak claddings offer versatility in design.

High Durability

Tantimber Thermally Modified Oak Claddings are classified in Class-1 according to European Technical Norms. This classification indicates superior durability, and the cladding provides a minimum biological durability of 25 years. It can withstand the rigors of outdoor conditions and resist biological decays.

Origin North America
Botanical Name Quercus Rubra
Biological Lifespan Minimum 25 years
Durability Class: 1