Oiled Surface

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Tantimber offers decking and cladding products that are designed to be user-friendly and ready to install. This can be a significant advantage for homeowners and builders looking to save time and effort during the installation process. “All sides oiled decking and cladding” likely means that Tantimber products are finished on all sides, making our products practical and easy to work with in various applications.

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Here are a few potential benefits of ready-to-install decking and cladding products:


Ready-to-install products can significantly reduce the time required for installation compared to traditional materials that may need additional preparation and finishing.


Tantimber’s products are likely manufactured to consistent standards, ensuring that each piece has the same quality and almost the same appearance.

Cost-Efficient and User-Friendly

Tantimber’s ready-to-install products reduce labor costs and offer ease of use, benefiting both professionals and DIY enthusiasts with efficient installations and satisfying projects.

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