Grad Clips

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The Grad® technology is a clip-on fastening system that has revolutionized the fastening method for interior and exterior construction applications and being supplied by Tantimber.

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Here are some key features and benefits of Grad Clips:

Reliable and Removable

The Grad-Clips fastening system is reliable and the wood structures can be easily removed when needed. It offers the flexibility to make adjustments or replace materials without the hassle of traditional screw fastenings.

Invisible Fastening

The Grad-Clips system provides a completely invisible fastening solution. It ensures that the fastening elements are not visible on the surface, creating a neat appearance.

Pre-Fitted Clips

The Aluminium rails used with this tsystem come pre-fitted with clips directly from the production. This ensures the perfect alignment of boards on various types of floors, simplifying the installation process.

Versatile Material Compatibility

The Grad-Clips system is compatible with a broad range of materials what Tantimber is providing along with all kind of applications, including all species with wood options and different thicknesses and widths. This versatility allows it to be used for a wide variety of construction projects such as deckings, claddings, louvers, soffits and screen shutters.

Enhanced Ventilation

The 5 mm space between wood boards and the under-construction allows for air circulation, enhancing the performance of decking and cladding when used with Grad Clips. This feature contributes to the longevity and stability of the materials. Labor costs are also reduced due to the straightforward installation of Grad-Clips on Aluminium rails, making it a cost-effective choice for a variety of projects.

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