Wood claddings have stood the test of time in architectural history. Its enduring popularity reflects the ability to remain relevant and attractive, making wood claddings a timeless choice for building exteriors. Wood’s natural presence fosters a connection with nature, contributing to the biophilic design principle that emphasizes the positive impact of nature on human well-being. Wood claddings can provide natural insulation properties. Using wood claddings help regulate indoor temperatures by reducing heat transfer, which can contribute to energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs. Tantimber cladding products offer substantial value to buildings, enhancing aesthetics, strength, insulation, and overall value.


Tantimber Thermowood Cladding products are an excellent choice for those seeking both durability and aesthetic appeal in their building designs. The thermal modification process ensures long-lasting performance, making them especially suitable for outdoor use. Whether used as a main cladding element or to complement other architectural solutions, Tantimber cladding products contribute to the overall value and visual impact of buildings.


Here are some key details and benefits of Tantimber cladding products:

Aesthetic Appeal

Tantimber claddings are not only functionally robust but also add a high level of aesthetic value to buildings. They serve as decorative elements that can be used as primary or complementary cladding components in various architectural designs.

Thermal Modification

Tantimber's cladding products are thermally modified (TMT), making them highly durable and suitable for outdoor weather conditions. The Thermowood process enhances the resistance to environmental stressors of Tantimber Cladding products.

Wood Species

Tantimber Thermowood Claddings are manufactured from a variety of wood species, including Ash, Pine, Oak, Tulipwood, Ayous, and Iroko. This selection allows for diversity in appearance and performance, catering to different project needs.

Profile and Dimension Options

Tantimber offers a range of profiles, dimensions, and special cladding profiles with varying thicknesses. This diversity provides flexibility for both horizontal and vertical cladding applications, accommodating a wide array of design concepts whether a closed cladding with Tongue and Groove or a cladding with an invisible fixing is used.

Comprehensive Solutions

Tantimber offers a comprehensive range of products for cladding applications, including underconstruction products, invisible fasteners, stainless steel screws, and various oils required for cladding installation. This one-stop solution simplifies the cladding process for customers.

Project-Specific Adaptability

Tantimber cladding products are designed to adapt to the unique requirements of each project, ensuring that the cladding solution perfectly complements the architectural design and performance needs.