Four Important Points !

Four important points to give the right decision while choosing the Product!

In our Previous article we informed you about the open system and the closed system process types and tried to give you an idea of the differences and their effects before giving a decision while choosing a product. What are the main 4 Subjects during the consideration of a product?  Below we are giving you a route to meet your expectations to follow these up.



How can you be sure you have chosen the right product?

Getting the wood into a darker and/or brownish colour does not mean that the Product has become a Thermally Modified Timber! Therefore the main consideration should be to check if your supplier is an audited and a member of the Thermowood Association. Instead of having the products named as Thermo products we necessarily advise to chose a supplier which is putting a value behind it’s products and overtakes more responsibility by it’s Brand. Due to this responsibility, the assuring of the quality and the performance of your purchased product will be much higher.



Are you sure that you are talking to the right sales person?

One of the major points are having the product being advised through a right sales person who is aware of the technical, structural properties of the product and can introduce about the goods in all respects. The Industry suffers from unskilled sales people which are describing the material as an UFO ( unidentified flying object). Make sure that you get detailed information from the sales person to understand what will happen to the products you have purchased after years and how you should act for maintaining it. Don’t forget to choose the right specie for your decking or cladding by thinking of the use of it.



How should you decide on the sizes or on the origin?

Be sure you understand the product you are buying perfectly. For outdoor claddings the minimumum thickness should be 19 mm (3/4”). For a decking the minimum thickness should be minimum 20 mm for hardwood species and 26 mm for softwood species. Thinner products will reduce the longevity of the products and will also have a big negative impact on the stability.



Support the Forestries by choosing sustainable products!

Prevent to source your deckings and/or claddings from illegally harvested and uncontrolled forestries. Tantimber’s raw material procurement is being done under all the respects to the nature by using only sustainably managed forestries. We are supporting our Purchase process with the memberships of FSC and PEFC Certifications.

Our team is ready to guide you with all the informations during your purchasing and decision process.