The 8 advantages of Using Wood

Home owners, construction companies, specifiers, architecture offices and end users often prefer to use wood in their projects due to it’s many advantages, both indoors and outdoors and in social areas.


In this article, we present a small guide that we wish to be beneficial to everyone by addressing the main advantages of using wood for decision makers.


For more information needs, you can ask our experienced team about which wood product should be used, “how” and “what” to choose, and you can request free samples.



The 8 advantages of Using Wood


Long Life Span: The Facades for the protective shell around our homes. The practical experiences show choosing the right material, wooden facades last longer than concrete or plaster. Whether for a decking, load bearing purpose or a cladding application used wood has a long life span compared to any other products.


Freedom of choice and economy: Those who prefer wooden facades also choose the type of wood, the type of installation and the surface treatment. Wooden Claddings obtain a natural, eco-friendly material that can be designed individually. Wood prouducts can be planned beforehand, simplifies installation and reduces construction time. The shortening of the construction time minimizes your costs and allows you to benefit from your construction in a short time.


Outstanding Sound and Heat Insulation: One of the biggest benefits of wood is the natural insulation properties. As the flooring you’re choosing for your homes have a high level of heat retention and thermal properties it gives also a warm feeling during each step you make on it. Using wood for exterior claddings of your home ensures a high heat insulation which will reduce heating costs during many years of use your home. Wood ensures peace of mind with the sound insulation properties it provides in the busy neighborhood life in big cities.


Combustion Resistance: Wood has a controllable combustion behavior. As the steel structures collapse when they reach a certain temperature, the wooden structures exhibit a 1mm / min combustion behavior and makes it possible to evacuate people from the buildings that cause fire.


Gives happiness, is a breathing material: Because wood is a living, naturally sourced and warm material.


Adds Value: Wood is a prestigious building material with; high aesthetic, it’s unique character and is able to maintain.


Both Natural and Unique: Wood is pure nature! Each piece of wood forms decades of character that identifies with human nature. Wood is an ergonomical and environmentally friendly building material.


Renewable: Originates from renewable resources and is renewable. Due to its easy maintanence properties disassembly and re installation costs are eliminated where also a need of new material procurement is reflected. Moreover, wood is an uncomplicated construction material in terms of installation. (please follow instructions of needed wood installations)